a screwdriver fell on my head!

It’s true! I was sitting in the Mugg & Bean innocently eating eggs benedict when I felt a hard thwack on my head. I don’t know what I thought it was but I did cover my head in case any more of them were about to fall on me. This caused me to look on the floor where the very large, very blue screwdriver had landed. We were sitting under a staircase so I guess it dropped from someone walking up the stairs, but still, that’s just bizarre. And my head kinda still hurts.


please please tell me i'm not the scabmaster :-/


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2 Responses to “a screwdriver fell on my head!”

  1. Rudy Neeser Says:

    Wow, when you told me the story I imagined that there were workers working above you, or something similar, which is were my irateness came from. Do you still have the screwdriver?

  2. ildarabbit Says:

    nope a waitress took it

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