India is ___

I’m going to totally cheat on my first post about India and steal the wit of a my good friend Dom. After my first couple days here I got a lovely mail with the following charming multiple choice question:

India is _____

(a) absolutely terrible and I WANT MY MOMMY!!!
(b) ok, except for the fact that there’s nothing to eat except curry
(c) all a little hectic now but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it
(d) 50/50. The place I’m staying is a dump but work is cool
(e) 50/50. The place I’m staying is cool but work is painful
(f) absolutely amazing!!! I can’t believe I was nervous about coming
here! I’m never moving back to SA. I’ve even got a Binda and a Sari!
(g) so uptight that I’ve been arrested for sitting next to a man on
the bus and am currently in prison, unable to answer your mail

My response after the first couple of days was b and little bit of e because, at the stage, I had not yet built up my immunity to chillies and had yet to decide on a project to work on.

Here is my first glimpse of MSRI on my first Monday morning:

first contact

first contact

More updates to follow!


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