happy (?) 10 years

I’ve recently moved into a new lab which is in the Chemistry building (tho the lab is still part of CS). It’s a very nice spot to work but the building has all kinds of odd quirks such as an indeterminate amount of “ground” floors (e.g. R, LG, G, FAA etc), a coal burning contraption in the bath room and regular alarms announcing gas leaks or fires on such-n-such floor. Anyways I was wondering through this building thinking about nothing much when I realised something kind of mortifying – this is my TENTH year at university. And not just university but at this one particular university and most of those years spent in the same postgrad lab, behind the same desk:

I've been on leve 3 for a long time now

Shortly after this moment of self-startlement, I ran into the “little” sister of a good friend that I studied with. She has finished her degree, held down a job in Joburg and moved back to Cape Town and now working at the university. So that means that younger siblings of my peers are officially more grown up than I am! Anyways the point of all this is that it’s really time for me to get the PhD and move on. I *love* UCT, but its time for new scenery (I definitely learnt that in India this year). So Happy Ten Years Of Higher Education to me! yay.


3 Responses to “happy (?) 10 years”

  1. Alapan Says:

    Only 10 years? I thought you started even earlier! 😀

  2. ildarabbit Says:

    mm, i wonder if that’s a good thing or not. perhaps it just means that i have been around as long as you could remember

  3. Craig Says:

    Oh noes, it might be to late for you to ever get out now!! 😛

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