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better-than-bacon mushrooms

June 16, 2010

People. You have to try this place in Salt River, Cape Town for brunch. It’s called Superette and it’s a charming sun-filled spot decorated in tones of white, yellow and grey bursting with amazing food and coffee. Kudos to Ben for not only telling me about it but ensuring that he introduced me to it personally when Rebecca was in town. I have to confess the food was so good that I managed to take a picture of the food but not the people on our outing! So when I went, I was actually not that hungry on account of having made poached eggs at home for breakfast. So I purposely chose a light option on their menu: Sourdough bread served with rocket, butter, cream cheese and avocado OR mushrooms. On a normal day I would totally order avo, but I was trying to walk on the lighter side so I went with mushrooms – hardly the exciting option one would think:

better-than-bacon mushrooms

Sourdough, butter, cream cheese and better-than-bacon mushrooms

But guys, those mushrooms… those mushrooms were such a surprise. A warm, close-your-eyes wonder-what-that-salty-amazing-taste-is surprise. Usually if one wants to make mushrooms special you fry them with garlic and butter, maybe some white wine. But these mushrooms didn’t taste like *any* of those, they were definitely salty and almost tasted like good bacon. So what was it?? Eventually we all theorised that they may have used vinegar and pepper, maybe even fried them in bacon fat? I’ve since gone back (on my birthday in fact) with Cara and we ordered those mushrooms (I had to share the joy) again and also tried this:

Ben's order

Breakfast sandwich

… a breakfast sandwich with scrambled eggs, bacon and tomato. If you appreciate proper scrambled eggs that are fluffy and non-runny I think this will please you greatly. So people. Seriously. Superette. Nom.