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May 6, 2009

Last week was kind of crazy. I finished up my last round of experiments for my project at MSR India on Monday, then on Tuesday I furiously recorded data into spreadsheets and started working a presentation for my final pow-wow to the TEM group. The pow-wow pretty much consumed Wednesday and afterwards it was off to a farewell/birthday party consisting of about 3 hours of high-energy Bollywood dancing at Zero G. This is touted as one of the most happening places on the Bangalore night-life scene, particularly on Wednesday nights when they have their famous Bollywood night. Zero G is a club on Laverly Rd. right at the top of a building. The place is half outdoors and half indoor and the setting is pretty swcheet. The amusing thing about Bangalore’s night-life scene is that it comes with some serious restrictions which, I think, are meant to curb garrulous hard partying. The weirdest of these restrictions is that drinking and dancing may not occur simultaneously – yes this is not a joke, the Bangalore police commissioner is very dedicated to protecting the eyes of unsuspecting innocents from the wild, uncoordinated flailing that might occur when a good buzz (or more) is set ot music. Another, recently imposed, restriction is that everything – clubs, bars and many restaurants close at 11:30pm – 11-freakin-30!! After this time no more alcohol is served, no more dancing may take place and people are expected to scurry to their burrows like good little boys and girls. This meant that at 11:30pm, the last song was announced, lights were cruelly faded up to bright and, after a minute or so, people started blowing whistles to encourage us to leave. Not really the nicest mode of parting I must say. But what made it better was that, once outside waiting for cabs, everyone sang happy birthday to me at midnight 🙂

Zero G was followed by a midnight dinner at the Taj Hotel’s 24 hour restaurant Mynt, which was all very pretty and fancy. Conveniently there was a piano in the hotel lobby and Kentaro regaled us with what one might describe as a peice of music on the opposite end of the music spectrum to Bollywood hits. I think we probably had dinner till about 2am during which there were two casualties, David and Divya, who simply fell asleep at the table. The life of a Microsoft researcher is brutal like that – don’t know say that no one ever warned you!

After getting to bed around 3am, I dragged myself out of bed on Thursday (my actual birthday) to begin my last day at MSRI. There were last minute meetings, data backups, administrative tasks (which were a bit tricky since it was also Admin day and all the admin folks were away on a fun day) and, finally, packing up of my desk *sigh*. Thanks for a great 3 months and an awesome farewell TEM!

frozen margaritas + lab mates

September 12, 2008
this picture isnt actually from last night, its from a previous time at panchos, this time i was too stoopid to take my camera with

this picture isn't actually from last night, its from a previous time at panchos, this time i was too stoopid to take my camera with

Margaritas are great. Don’t you agree? Especially the sweet strawberry kind. I don’t drink much, but I can really knock back the margaritas, something about them being cold, sweet and full of tequila. Last night was a lot of fun, the CVC lab held a farewell party for Dave at Panchos in Obs, which is incidently the most excellent restaurant at which I have never had a mediocre experience. It has been way too long since the lab got together and and had a good old late night with free food. We laughed loudly, talked about geeky things in public and revelled in the fact that most of the people there were lab ‘old-timers’ who don’t get to see each other regularly anymore. Dave gave a wise old man speech about how Gallileo was imprisoned before people bought his Earth Revolves Around the Sun Theory and how being a scientist is a generally rough ride. He also described me as the one good babe in the Comp Sci Dept – I have to disagree, while I am pretty awesome and all, there have been a fine number of awesome babes in our department and I happy some of them were there last night *clink* 😉