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It’s time for season 6! Breakups and reunions…

October 19, 2009

Yay, TV series hiatus time is over and many shows are well into their new seasons. I was recently browsing a gallery on Entertainment Weekly entitled “20 shows you’re breaking up with” about which shows readers were… well it’s in the title. Then I realised, I am totally breaking up with some shows this year, and I feel that its all been decided for me in the season premiers.

A number of juggernaut shows are hitting their 6th season this year and I found big differences in how two mainstay medical shows are aging. One is getting a bit tired and grasping for story lines and the other feels like we’ve only just begun to nick the surface. I have watched every episode of Grey’s Anatomy and House, but I’ve always seen a House episode is an hour of well-crafted, intelligent TV that requires my full attention and Grey’s as more of a watch-it-while-you-fold-laundry type show. After the season 6 premiers I feel pretty sure I’ve lost interest in Grey’s Anatomy but find myself more intrigued by House than ever. Where it feels very obvious that Grey’s Anatomy cooked up in a kitchen with many prodding cooks, House seems like it was written by one author, who thought very deliberately about the script.

After 2 bumpy seasons, sticking it out with Grey’s Anatomy hardly seems worthwhile anymore. I was somewhat amped after the pretty brilliant and shocking season 5 finale. But since the publicity machine around the series ruined any plot unknowns there were no surprises in store with season 6. SPOILER ALERT Big non-surprise, George died, Izzie lived, people organised a funeral and, in the one moment that got me sniffly, parceled out his organs for donation. I’ve read that Izzie’s laughing fit at the funeral was the perfect laugh-so-you-don’t cry moment. But I found it bizarre and the dialogue only served to point out how overworked the plot has been lately (“George died! I got cancer! And you (Meredith) got married on post-it!”). Amongst everyone going through their own 7 Kubler-Ross stages of grief (real original underlying theme by the way), the Chief was comically sparring with Callie and trying to save face with the board. But on his way to his Big Important Meeting he finds himself (un)comically at rival Mercy West’s door where it dawns on him that he should merge Seattle Grace with Mercy West. So that means a whole bunch of new characters and the diluting the screen time of the existing characters we would only love to see more of (how many more Georges have to be sidelined before sanity returns?). I know this was supposed to be the big shake up of the series but it was not handled in a way that made sense and I’m unmoved.

But there was something that makes up for all the multi-writer schlock and aaall the bad season premiers (hello Gossip Girl!). Something that restored my faith that there can be some truly great storytelling on TV. HOUSE, how constant and undisappointing you are, even when you did that weird reality show knock-off thing and sidelined the original beloved team in season 4 you were still totally watchable. So season 5 ended with House’s mind playing dangerous tricks on him and he voluntarily admitted himself to a psych hospital. And that is just where we find him, fresh off Vicadin withdrawal and being generally belligerent and cruel to the other patients. The whole two hour premier is about House in the hospital – no cases, not Princeton Plainsbourough, just House, his crazy roomies and his therapists. I watched this episode during an airport layover, on a plane and, finally, when the jetlag ensured I was totally awake at 2am during which I had tears – lots of them!. It has a brilliant storyline and was like a great big reward for all viewers who have watched House be relentlessly awful and unchangeable for the past 5 seasons. After getting to know the character so well, you can anticipate his reactions to the hospital, but you will be floored by the way things actually go and come to not know what to expect at all. The casting of that Law and Order guy as House’s therapist was genius, I found it totally believable that this guy might have the gravitas to get through to House and I’m excited that it seems like he will be around for more episodes.

withdrawal is a bitch

withdrawal is a bitch

a typical absence

September 7, 2009

Well some things in life are unfortunate and come with high probabilities – good TV shows will get canceled, Lindsay Lohan will wear leggings and/or booties, charming politicians will probably disappoint us and new bloggers are likely to lapse on their updates. Even though I hoped to keep this blog going with at least a couple updates each month, I have to face facts and admit that I am in the herd of “lapsers”. I haven’t peeped in 2 months and 2 days! So what has been taking up my time online? Researching XNA game studio and narrative linguistics (for the FiD) and getting through my stupidly large collection of pictures from India. The latter is finally done and I’m trying to get most pics tagged. They can be found on my flickr stream…

sari shop girl

sari shop girl

Heftier things have been taking up my time in real life – I got home from India and met my gorgeous niece and hung out with my gorgeous friends. Then, two months later I came to SeattleĀ  to see Dave (after a way-too-long 5 month separation) to embark on the long-in-the-waiting adventure of house hunting, buying and moving. For all these events I will be putting pictures up on flickr and blogging. I also plan to blog a bit about my MSR India internship and a few snippets from India itself … ok?


Anyone there?

Oh well serves me right for making this space so uneventful lately šŸ˜›