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A Relaxing Blitz

February 27, 2009

After spending almost two months blogging my 11 day pilgrimage to the Holy Land in full, glorious painstaking detail, I take some delight in posting about my trip to Redmond/Seattle in a one normal sized post…

I had fun. I got to hang out with Dave, Fabian and my bunnies a lot. I drank coffee a lot.


Victors Coffee, Redmond
Victors Coffee, Redmond

mediative koko

I worked of my PhD a lot but still didn’t finish everything I wanted to. It was autumny when I arrived…

red, red, red


…but then it snowed a lot in time for Christmas (and in time to just about bring public services to a halt and keep people holed up at home). I bought a pair of awesome boots and gloves which served me very well.

it started gently...

best boots evah


back yard blizzard

Dave learned to drive and we got lost many times on the freeways, byways and parkways. We went hunting for cupcakes and home-roasted coffee beans and found some fine specimens in neighbourhoods such as Ballard and Kent.

Cupcake Royale, Ballard

We bought strange, exciting mushrooms, chard and cheese from Pike Place Market. I found the supermarkets totally intimidating at first with all the unfamiliar and super enthusiastic branding and sheer amount of corn based products. People were generally disarmingly friendly. I watched more bad reality TV than I should have and had a seriously bad nightmare that I was one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. I learned a whole new vocabulary where a “biscuit” is more like a muffin, “pancakes” are more like flap jacks and “crepes” are more like pancakes. I miss it muchly am looking forward to the Seattle summer 🙂

a lazy winter



September 7, 2008
the bear is mine

the bear is mine

Ok so I went to all the trouble of creating a blog and now I should post something of substance on it. One of my motivations for getting a blog is that, for a while now, people have been asking me what’s happening with Dave and I moving to Seattle. Well, one can get tired of telling the same story over and over, so now I hope to say ‘Read my blog M*#&)%F*(&^%’ – although probably more polite than that. I have some other motivations for setting up a blog like keeping track of my research and other mundane details of my life.

So the current state of affairs looks something like this…

If you are very outdated on my life in general: at the beginning of the year Dave landed a sweet job with the Exchange team at Microsoft. And even though most people thought he was a confirmed old academic already, its turns out that sometimes one needs to diversify. Even sweeter is the fact that this job is based in Redmond, which is basically in Seattle which is, like, Dave’s favourite city and is also where his brother lives. I’ve been to Seattle for a month or so and liked it a lot, so I’m pretty excited about our adventure there. Sadly, I still have my PhD do to so I can’t go with just yet 😦 This is bittersweet for me as I’m going to miss my family, friends and city very much and I get to delay leaving them behind but also I will miss Dave and have to delay us setting up our life in Seattle.

The latest update is that in just under two weeks a lot of big things will be happening. Movers will be coming to our place and packing up about half our stuff, the half that will be going to the States. Then two days after that is the day that Dave leaves. On that day an animal travel agency (one of those things you don’t realise exist until you need them) will come fetch the scottie and koko (a.k.a the bunnies) and they will fly to Seattle via New York. We realise its considered kind of peculiar to take bunnies half-way across the world like this but we don’t care. We love our bunnies!! Anyways, on that same day, Dave will leave for Seattle via Amsterdam in the evening. I will be very sad. But I won’t have too much time to dwell on it because the next morning me, my sisters, my mom and my aunt (who’s a nun in Mozambique) are flying to Cairo to begin a pilgrimage of the Holy Land. This is something we have been planning for a while and we are all looking forward to a lot. We will be visiting many of the holy sites and… well I will blog about this quite a bit later I imagine.

When we get back my lovely sis, Luisa, will be moving in with me (well the flat actually belongs to her 😉 and we are going to have a good ol’ girly riot in Cape Town which will consist of such scandalous adventures as going to the Neighbourhoods Goods Market on Saturday mornings, sipping homemade lattes regularly, inviting Isabel over and, most importantly, falling asleep in front of the television nightly. In between all this I’ll keep trucking and hope to get my PhD done around 2010.